Why “Vitamins for your futures” plural?

6 01 2010

Long term thinking is a very humbling experience. You have to accept to be wrong to hopefully be right. In a sense, there is something “organic” in such an approach. Nature has always favored redundancies and failures to celebrate the triumph of the fittest. The evolution process thrives on countless variations of genetic codes that could have been the most optimal answer in a different environment.

Likewise, forward thinking is all about studying all those futures that could exist provided forthcoming events follow a certain path. Of globalization and technological innovations like the Internet emerged a growing human network that has exponentially accelerated the pace of changes. Describing the world in the next ten years becomes increasingly challenging. Just look back to all the things that happened in the last ten years, could you imagine commenting to this post on your Iphone while traveling through your daily commute?

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Why this Blog?

5 01 2010

Photo: © Hiroshi Sugimoto, Wired Website, courtesy Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco

In a highly connected society, the difficulty does not rely in gathering information but rather digesting it. On the one hand, the acquisition cost of new information keeps dropping – to even zero e.g. free online version of mainstream publications. On the other, making sense of it does not become cheaper if not more expensive – time and energy necessary to sort through the increasingly available data.

How many times have you encountered a relevant piece of information and simply discarded it because you could not unlock the “so what” underneath it? Most inspired leaders explain that success and vision are all about connecting the dots. It always seems easier to connect those dots looking back than looking ahead.

However challenging this may seem, analyzing currently available data with a forward-looking lens is critical to prepare for what the future throws at you. This Blog does not pretend to predict The Future but rather to stimulate your thinking by laying out potential futures.

“Chance favors the prepared mind.” Louis Pasteur

Consider reading this Blog as your intake of vitamins to help you digest present trends and uncertainties as well as to fortify your long-term vision.