The inconvenient truth of a flat world

13 07 2010

The infamous gas pedal. Source:

I grew up in a small town lost in the French Pyrénées. The three or four drunks, bolted to their seats in the village’s only bar, were my first encounter with pundits. With all due respect to all the “real” pundits populating the mediasphere, I am just saying that strongly voicing your opinions on various subjects, some of which you barely understand, is ingrained in human nature. We inherently value people with strong opinions and resent the ones unable to provide a clear black/white answer – ask any climate scientist grilled during a congressional hearing! By saying this, I am also guilty of a black & white description of the world. There are of course a lot of exceptions to what I just said; but, underestimating how widespread this phenomenon is would be a great mistake.

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